About Us

Our first #BumbumGirl Genny Rios - founder and owner of BumBum Sport Fashion has been the centerpiece of this business and healthy lifestyle we promote.

Genny since she was a young girl, she has liked bathing suits (Brazilian swimwear) from a very early age and was interested in fashion since then, causing admiration among her friends for her taste in clothing.

She always had observed and liked the Brazilian Saying "BUMBUM'' referred to a good looking woman with a nice buttocks in movement. That is why when she decided to start her sportswear business she chose "BumBum Sport" as her business name. BumBum is also associated with the girls' femininity and Genny took that inspiration translated to the gym, providing all girls in America a nice way to feel and an inspiration to visit the gym everyday.

In 2018, she was looking for a business to do (she is always at the gym), she bought clothes from the competition. "BumBum Sport Fashion, it is not only sports, it is how you look and how you feel with our clothing" she says ... she let the idea rest ... but in 2020 with the coronavirus she took action to look for suppliers.

With discipline and good organizational skills Genny has built this business to help other women to overcome adversity and build muscle but also a good lifestyle for them.

BumBum sports share the same values as the founder.